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Wondering where to go for your Pre-weddiing photoshoot?

Well keep wondering because MOOMEDIA's secret location shoot has changed everything you thought a wedding shoot would be!


Secret location shoots are comprises of 2 or 4 full days of shoot. Which means you will also need to dedicate a day to fly in and a day to fly out. Think of it as a holiday, where all the logistics are taken care of and you will have professionals covering your photography and filming you every step of the way. You just need to give us the budget, we will tell you what to bring, basically show up at the airport and we will give you the air-ticket, and off we go!


Cost of a secret location shoot has 3 parts.


1) Moomedia Cinematography & Photography services

This is what you pay for for our services, which includes planning, photography, cinematography, packing, walking, posing, running, climbing, carrying, joking, sometimes cooking and even bedtime stories. You get the picture... literally!

Here is our cost... its no secret!

MOO Secret Location Lite Experience*

2 Full days Photography & Cinematography
20  pages of layout in Moo Signature Pano album

Behind the scenes video

DVD of selected High-res images (50 images)

$6 000


MOO Secret Location Complete Experience*

4 Full days Photography & Cinematography

30  pages of layout in Moo Signature Pano album

Behind the scenes video

Moo Signature Pano Canvas  (1.3 meters)

DVD of selected High-res images (80 images)

$7 500

2) Full cost of travel expenses (Couple + 2 of us from Moo)

Think of it as a holiday for a family of 4. We take any budget, if you allocate $500 per person for a trip, where can this take you? Here is an example of the cost of travel Expenses in Australia recently:

Flight cost: $588 (SQ promo) x 4

Car rental: $550 (Wagon for 4 days with full insurance coverage)

Accommodation: $750 (Average of $250 per night for 2 bedroom apartment)

Food and incidentals: $200 per day

So as you can see, planning an overseas shoot doesn't have to break your bank if you plan early. Flight cost makes a significant difference in the overall cost.

3) Gowns, outfits, Makeup and incidentals

We work with Renown local designers who can provide you with exquisite gowns. Rental of gowns from our partners generally range from $1500 to $3000 depending on your needs. We know that choice of gowns is important and personal, you are welcome to source this on your own as well.

Makeup is also a concern for couples who want to look their best. While some of our brides are confident enough to do their own makeup, some prefer to engage a dedicated professional. We work with many makeup artists, whom will attend to your beauty needs. This service generally range from $500 per day. (excluding travel expenses). Local makeup professionals can also be engaged at the country of shoot if preferred.


Actually it is easier to identify who Secret Location is not for. It is definitely not for the faint hearted. Generally speaking, If surprises excites you, this is for you. But if you are going to lose sleep worrying about the unknown, then perhaps plan a known location together with us!

So if you are game for adventure and a wedding shoot like NO OTHER... talk to us today! whatsapp us like now!

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